Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Vol. 2
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Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Vol. 2


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Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez captures Superman in his most iconic rendition!

José Luis García-López is for many the iconic Superman artist. In addition to his work on Superman, Action Comics, and DC Comics Presents, for decades his Man of Steel was seen on clothing, lunchboxes, and more as the gold standard for DC merchandising.

This second volume collects the artist's work from the late 1970s to the modern era, featuring classic team-ups, weird transformations, and the recurring menace of Mr. Mxyzptlk. Plus, what if the Man of Steel had crashed to Earth at a different time of place? How would he have fared as a medieval warrior? A business mogul? All in stories from Elseworlds!

Featuring writing from Dennis O'Neil, Dan Jurgens, Paul Dini, Bob Haney, and more, this volume collects stories from World's Finest #244, #255, and #258, Superman #351, DC Comics Presents #41, Superman: Kal, Superman #104-105, Superman, Inc., Realworlds: Superman #1, and Action Comics #1000, along with more than 50 pages of cover art!