Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
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Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition


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The most celebrated Axis & Allies edition is back! Upon its release nearly a decade ago, the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition became an instant classic! Now this deluxe board game designed by Larry Harris (the original creator of Axis & Allies), returns with rulebook updates and streamlined gameplay. With over 650 playing pieces, including the largest board ever created for an A&A game, this beloved board game is a must have for the strategy gamer enthusiast. Contents: * Updated A&A rulebook, with errata and rules clarifications * 6 country-specific storage boxes (USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, and Italy) * 2 common storage boxes * Game board (24 x 46 inches), the largest Axis & Allies board * Over 650 plastic miniatures, with 4 new sculpts * Additional components including game dice, tokens, paper bills, and plastic chips