Earthdawn Prelude to War Supplement
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Earthdawn Prelude to War Supplement


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Since the end of the Theran War, Barsaive has remained stable and at peace. But those peaceful days are ending, as events unfold that promise change and danger for Barsaive's people.

• The arrival of a city-sized stone airship marks the long-dreaded return of the Theran Empire to Barsaive, the first step in the Therans' scheme to reconquer the province they once ruled....

• The brutal assassination of King Varulus III brings Crown Prince Neden to the throne of Throal — an untried, hotheaded youth who begins his reign as king with a military assault against Theran forces in Barsaive ....

• A Theran magician's search for a young girl with mysterious powers draws the attention of Barsaive's great dragons, who want her for their own....

• A new ork nation slowly forms in southwest Barsaive, as orks from all across the province migrate to their new homeland. Once enslaved and long disregarded, the orks mean to claim power and respect at last....

Prelude to War is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn. It describes four significant events occurring in Barsaive, each of which can form the core of a mini-campaign. Together, these four events create an Earthdawn epic that spells irrevocable change for Barsaive — and for the entire Earthdawn universe. Prelude to War is intended for characters of Fourth Circle and above, of any Discipline."