Legends of Earthdawn Volume Two: The Book of Exploration
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Legends of Earthdawn Volume Two: The Book of Exploration


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Budding heroes trek to every corner of Barsaive, exploring what remains of their world in the wake of the life-destroying Scourge. As they search for fortune and battle unspeakable monsters, these fearless adepts record their discoveries, triumphs and defeats. The journals and letters describing their adventures form the Book of Exploration, an ever-growing record of the current state of Barsaive. Assembled and maintained by the Great Library of Throal, the Book of Exploration offers adventurers a wealth of information by posing questions, recounting legends, offering clues to ancient puzzles, describing both unimaginable depravity and selfless sacrifice, and telling the many tales that make up the tapestry of Name-giver experience.

Legends of Earthdawn Volume Two: The Book of Exploration, offers players and gamemasters more than 20 tales of wonder and legend, drawn from the adventuring journals and diaries of adepts from all across Barsaive. These tales describe all manner of dangers and marvels, including new Horrors and creatures as well as mysterious lands unexplored in Earthdawn's Age of Legend. This book also provides suggestions for creating adventures based on each of the entries, including game statistics for several new creatures and Horrors.