Modifx - Rare Earth Magnets - 10mm Booster Pack
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Modifx - Rare Earth Magnets - 10mm Booster Pack


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60pcs of 10.0mm/Diameter x 1.0mm Thick Rare Earth Magnets.

*New size Feb 2021*, we have changed from 2mm thick to 1mm thick, but now twice as many! Better for magnetising bases since the magents are thin but strong.If you need the higher strength glue 2 or more together on each side :)

Miniature and Model Manufacturers now produce fantastic multi-part plastic kits with pleanty of weapon and head options. What better way to get the most out of your new set than to create miniatures that can be tailored to the army you are facing by interchanging weapons. Or maybe you would just like to be able to change the pose of a miniature. Rare Earth Magnets are one of the most powerful magnets in the world and due to their tiny size and super strength these magnets are ideal for conversions from the smallest weapons to the biggest Titan Arms.

Tips & Tricks

Plan Your Conversion - For more complex conversions, sketch your idea onto paper first.

Rough-Up the Magnets - The magnets are supplied with a high quality coating. We recommend roughing up the surface of the magnet with a Model File or Sand Paper where it will be glued to your model. This will make for a stronger and longer lasting conversion.

Check The Polarity - The magnets have a north and south polarity. Double check the polarity before glueing anything to your models. Once the magnets are glued in it can be a nightmare trying to remove them.