Pathfinder Adventure Path Return of the Runelords #4 Temple of the Peacock Spirit
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Pathfinder Adventure Path Return of the Runelords #4 Temple of the Peacock Spirit


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Defy the Cult The mysterious cult of the Peacock Spirit has risen in force, and the time is right to strike a decisive blow against the worshipers of this long-forgotten god. According to ancient texts, the cult of the Peacock Spirit was first brought to this world by none other than Runelord Xanderghul himself, and with his return, it only grows more dangerous. Nestled high in a remote valley in the daunting Kodar Mountains, the cult's stronghold is known as the Temple of the Peacock Spirit. The heroes must journey to this legendary site and confront one of Thassilon's most dangerous threats. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path and includes: "Temple of the Peacock Spirit," a Pathfinder adventure for 11th-level characters, by Jason Keeley. An examination of the asuras, a race of vengeful fiends born from the mistakes of the gods themselves, by John Compton. A presentation of several powerful occult rituals created by the runelords of Thassilon, by James Jacobs and Luis Loza. A bestiary of monsters, including two new and powerful asuras, the lumbering guardians of nature known as basavans, the serpentine monstrosities known as bollas, and the enigmatic and deadly time dimensional, by Dan Cascone, John Compton, Nathan King, and Luis Loza.