Vallejo Weathering Effects - Streaking Grime 40 ml
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Vallejo Weathering Effects - Streaking Grime 40 ml


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When a vehicle drives through muddy terrain, mud splashes are inevitable. The range of Splash Mud has been formulated so that by simply blowing air through the airbrush over a brush loaded with mud, from a short distance from the model and on the specific area, realistic splash effects will be spattered all over the model. Splash Mud can also be applied using a stiff brush or stick. The range includes six different kinds of mud, manufactured with natural pigments and water-based acrylic resins, which drie to a slightly glossy finish which suggest the humid nature of the products. The product can also be splashed on the model with an airbrush by loading a regular brush with Splash Mud and projecting air against the brush towards the model.